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Пробна версія Chella

Try the snack that is exploding in popularity across North America!

Tastes like walnuts covered in a chewy fruit glaze, similar to a fruit roll-up.
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  • 100% Vegan

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1All-Natural Fruit Juice
We use only the highest quality fruit juices in the making of our snacks.
2Made Fresh
Our ingredients are fresh to ensure of a perfect texture and taste.
3Minimal Ingredients
The only ingredients we use are fruit juice, walnuts, small amounts of flour & sugar plus some natural colors.

Handcrafted Cooking

We use traditional handcrafted methods that ensure all of our snacks follow the most authentic recipes.

Packaged with Care

All of our orders are packaged to ensure safe travels on their journey to you! We use packing paper and durable boxes in every shipment.

Let’s Answer Your Questions

Do your products expire?


All of our products will last for a minimum of 4 months.

The natural sugars from the fruit juice act as a preservative.

What ingredients are used?

Our treats are 85% fruit & walnuts! Our only ingredients are fruit juice, walnuts, flour, and sugar. The flour is used to bind all the ingredients together and the sugar for its natural preserving properties.

What are the nutritional values?

Please see the product page for our nutritional values!

How long does shipping take?

Depending on your location, shipping can take anywhere from 1-8 business days. More accurate dates will be provided during checkout once you've inputted your shipping address.
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Proud Canadian Woman

Michelle Barbara

Childhood memories

This churchkhela tastes like childhood memories, sweet but not too sweet, fresh, soft and absolutely delicious. You can't stop at one just one bite!
  • Verified Buyer
Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Business Attire

Sandy Mcmanus


Amazing! The Chella bites have amazing flavor. I wasn't sure if I would like them or not, but I have enjoyed eating these. Each one has a unique flavor.
  • Verified Buyer
Woman Wearing A Black Dispoable Face Mask

Jessi Hopkins

The perfect adult snack!

These are like adult gummy with nuts I really like these. They are perfect on the go snack. Also perfect for charcuterie boards and lunch boxes.
  • Verified Buyer

Sara H

Lost 20 Pounds in Just 
3 Weeks!

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