Chella's churchkhela snacks

Discover the Taste of Chella!

Experience the perfect blend of walnuts and fruit in our all-natural snacks. Delight in the sweet, guilt-free indulgence they offer.

Authentic Georgian Delicacies

Introducing Churchkhela - a unique blend of all-natural ingredients prepared in the traditional Georgian way. Recognized for it's amazing flavour, this 3000-year-old recipe is the perfect guilt-free snack option!

All-Natural Ingredients

All ingredients are locally sourced to ensure their purity & sustainability.


Absolutely zero animal products are used in our business.

Guilt-Free Indulgence

The perfect snack to crave that sweet-tooth naturally.

with Care

All products are handcrafted with a focus on quality & flavour.

Georgian delicacies

A Taste of Authentic Georgia

Chella's churchkhela snacks are more than just a treat, they're a cultural experience. These authentic Georgian delicacies have a long history and hold significant cultural importance. Made with high-quality ingredients and traditional preparation methods, they provide a unique blend of taste, tradition, and health benefits.
Healthy snacks

Natural and Guilt-Free Snack

Perfect for those seeking a sweet treat without the guilt. Made with all-natural ingredients, these snacks offer a unique combination of walnuts and fruit, making them a health-conscious individual's dream. Enjoy the delicious taste of Chella's churchkhela snacks, and indulge without the guilt.