Common Usages

On-the-Go Energy Boost

Chella, with its high nutritional value and portable form, is your ideal on-the-go snack. Elevate your walks, hikes, and bike rides with a burst of energy from this ancient Georgian delight. Make it a delightful part of your morning routine for a quick and delicious breakfast that fuels your day.

Tea Time

Elevate your morning ritual with Chella! Seamlessly complement your tea or coffee routine and redefine your breakfast experience. Say goodbye to skipping breakfast with our nutritious and tasty snack by your side, always ready when you need it.

Picnics and Brunch Bliss

Picture this: a sunny day, a picnic table adorned with delightful treats, and Chella stealing the spotlight. The natural sweetness and distinctive appearance make it the perfect addition to your picnic basket or charcuterie board. Revel in the joy of sharing this ancient tradition with friends and family in a casual, outdoor setting.