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At Chella, we search the far corners of the world to discover the most unique snacks on earth.
  • All-natural & Unprocessed

  • A Story you can Taste

  • Preserving Traditional Recipes



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4 Reasons to Try Chella


1. Discover Forgotten Snacks

We discover traditional snacks and sweets for you to try! Taste a unique part of the world today.

2. Delicious

Every Chella treat is based on years of perfected recipes and always made delicious!

3. Authentic & Unprocessed

We only use authentic recipes in making our products, which includes using natural ingredients!

4. Convenient

Our snacks are perfect as an on-the-go treat to keep you energized throughout your day.
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Chella Bites Bundle

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  • Since 800 B.C.

  • Eaten by Georgian warriors & travelers

  • Used to preserve walnuts & fruit

  • Often given as a gift

  • Almost 3000 years of history

  • All-Natural

  • 5 grams of sugar per serving

  • Breakfast replacement

  • Impress your friends

  • Learn about new cultures

Our Products


Sweet Sujuk

Sweet Sujuk dates back to 17th Century Turkey, invented in the palace kitchens of Sultan Mahmud II. Turkey is nestled between the Mediterranean and Black Seas, serving as the bridge between Europe and Asia. Originally made for nobility, Sweet Sujuk’s popularity quickly spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, becoming especially favorable among soldiers as a portable and convenient source of nutrition.

Flavors: Plum, Cherry & Kiwi

Ingredients: Fruit Juice, Walnuts, Wheat Flour, Sugar

Sweet Sujuk has a chewy texture with rich flavors of fruit! Cherry is the sweetest flavor, Plum is less sweet and Kiwi is tart.



Churchkhela’s Story begins 3000 years ago in the modern day country of Georgia. Georgia is a history rich nation, containing many Orthodox Christian monasteries built in the middle ages, and being the oldest known location of winemaking in the world. The ancient Georgians used Churchkhela as a way to preserve the excess harvest of fruits and nuts over the long winters.
Flavors: Apricot, Apple Pie, Grape and Pomegranate

Ingredients: Fruit Juice, Walnuts, Wheat Flour, Sugar

Churchkhela has a chewy fruit exterior with crunchy walnuts on the inside. Apple Pie and Grape are sweet, while Pomegranate and Apricot are tart.

Chella Bites

Chella Bites' story began recently here in Vancouver Canada as a way to minimize the waste of food products. We took the surplus ingredients used in making our Classic Georgian Churchkhela to make Chella Bites. Using the same ingredients and flavors, Chella Bites provide an alternative form factor to experience the ancient Georgian delicacy!
Flavors: Apricot, Apple Pie, Grape and Pomegranate

Ingredients: Fruit Juice, Walnuts, Wheat Flour, Sugar

Chella Bites are bite sized pieces of chewy fruit with some crunchy walnuts inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

At Chella, we are a small startup run by young entrepreneurs based out of Vancouver BC. Our company searches the far corners of the world to discover the most unique recipes on Earth. We are dedicated to reviving ancient snacks and sharing them with everyone!

Where are your products made?

All of our products are handcrafted in Vancouver, B.C.

Where can I find your snacks?

We are in various stores all over North America! Click here to find one near you.

Can all your products be found at every partnered store?

No, but we are working on bringing all of our snacks to all stores!